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NCCE LOGO Significance

Time:2016-05-27  Source:NCCE  Author:NCCE

Convergence and Embrace

The entire logo is composed by the letter N and a halo. N represents that NCCE keeps a foothold in Nanning-the capital of Guangxi province China. The halo means that NCCE exerts big influence and radiation in CAFTA.

Justice and Service

The basic color of the logo consists red and black, of which, red represents passion and boom, black stands for calm and composure. NCCE strictly abides by the independence and fairness as the third party responsibility to provide customers with first class services.

Competition and Victory

Taken the logo apart, it is composed by an abstract ox head (the read part) and the letter V (the black part), meaning bull market and victory. On the battlefield of business, where is full of opportunities and competition, the courage to march forward is the most important factor to success.