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The first annual shareholders' meeting 2016 held successfully

Time:2016-01-17  Source:NCCE  Author:NCCE

The first annual shareholders' meeting in 2016 of NCCE was hold at the meeting room in Jan 6. Chairman of the board Mr. Shu Yang hosted a meeting and report to all shareholders 3 main things:

1.NCCE became a sino-foreign joint venture due to introducing a new shareholder which comes from HK.

2. Reporting the completion of economic indicators and work of the NCCE.

3. Proposing new requirement of development goals and annual work program for 2016.


The General Assembly elected the new board of directors, Pengwen Jian, Chen Jianliang, Bi Songmei, Shu Yang, Wei Jinghang become the new board members, and elected Mr.Yang Shu as chairman of the board. The General Assembly unanimously affirmed the achievements of the year 2015, identified new development goals and direction of 2016.


In strong support of shareholders, the board of directors lead the staff work together to overcome the difficulties of the market downturn and the economic downturn in 2015. The NCCE not only develops the domestic market and constantly develop new varieties, but also actively explore the ASEAN market and has made great progress of aspects of cross-border electronic transactions and settlement. It lay a good foundation for NCCE to achieve a higher level.


NCCE will further establish the purpose of effectively serve the real economy, strengthen the construction of the platform in order to promote the healthy development of Guangxi local advantageous resources industry. As a commodity electronic trading platform which services the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, according to the "One Belt One Way" of the international development strategy with its location advantages of Guangxi, its clearly identify "based in Guangxi, Nationwide service, get through ASEAN, become international" development goals. NCCE would also fully use the advantage of HK shareholder which is wealth of international market experience and resources to accelerate the pace of international development, become bigger, stronger and make greater contribution for the development of Guangxi.


In the year of 2016, all the staff of NEEC would under the leadership of new board of directors to keep the honor of Nanning Top Ten Professional Markets, Investments Abroad Advanced Enterprises, E-commerce Advanced Enterprises and business model of Guangxi e-commerce, continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, work together, grasp the opportunity, innovation, and strive to achieve more brilliant achievements in the new year!