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China Assurance Finance Group Limited (8090.HK) shares 52.6% equity stakes of NCCE by 120 million R

Time:2015-11-26  Source:NCCE  Author:NCCE

China Assurance Finance Group Limited (8090.HK) capital injection 120 million RMB to NCCE, after that China Assurance Finance Group Limited (8090.HK) shares 52.6% equity stakes of NCCE.


As the only commodity electronic trading platform which service China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, physical trading volume increased to 205 billion RMB compared with the same period in 2014, it surged about 1.5 times from Jun of this year (according to the announcement of China Assurance Finance Group Limited (8090.HK) in Nov 12, 2015).


According to "One Belt One Way" of the international development strategy, NCCE plans to establish branches of the Indonesia, Malaysia, ThailandVietnam and other ASEAN countries within 5 years. By then, overseas trading platform will connect domestic trading platform in one system to launch cross-border electronic transactions, achieving a common currency (RMB) unified settlement. NCCE plays an important role in integrate resources of ASEAN countries for Nanning Guangxi.


China Assurance Finance Group Limited cooperates with NCCE which can help to integrate system resources, reduce the management standard, fully play scale advantages and enhance synergies of all business. In addition, establishing long-term capital compensation mechanisms lay a solid foundation for the sustainable long-term rapid development of business. NCCE will further to enhance financial strength, enhance domestic all kinds of commodities trading and related business impact in ASEAN which helps to raise trading business prospects and scale of NCCE.